Carnival Visions for the Unforgiven

His eyes stained this town
on a sunny autumn day
like leaves dropping from his eyes
crunchy, veiny tears that smelled of winter bliss
and so,
he took a taxi to the world’s greatest fair,
and as the visions of this town
bounced before his wet eyes
the wicked witch kiss
of life’s black door
swung open and hit him with cold flesh
and he decided to clean up his life
so he rolled down the windows and tossed out
all the needles and all the armor around his heart
and then closed the cold of this day off forever
and watched the headlights of the cab
dance all over the gravel parking lot at the fair
and when he got out he heard the faint happy screams
of all the riders in the night
hanging on to electric arms bedazzled —
the smell of hot dogs and funnel cakes stuck to the sky
the happy laughter of all the beings in love
whiplashed through the air and the funhouse —
was everyone a ghost?
as they stared through him,
walked through him like a doorway
smiled at the reflection in his own eyes
giggling girls swiping wands loaded with whispers
across their unadult visions
and old content men
grasping the shoulders of their worn-out wives
and still they smiled to be together
they had each other to go home with
and the ghost had but a dim lightbulb glow left in his
where was his daughter in this clamoring pool of life?
why wasn’t she clutching his fingers and laughing
a little girl loving so completely
and he rubbed his bones through the digits on his
and they were raw and void of feeling
as he stepped into the house of mirrors
merely to turn away from his grotesque reflection
as a little boy pushed him into the glass
to make him disappear gallantly
like a horse trick tucked away in dust
and he squeezed himself into a tiny cage with a rabbit
a big, white rabbit with a charm around its neck
and he said to the rabbit
make all my dreams come true
and the ghost was on the midway
kissing the love of his life.

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