I’m a former print and digital journalist who got bucked off the horse by the proverbial corporate merger supposedly designed to bring strength and resiliency to a sinking ship. But I’m not bitter. Seriously. I’m actually glad it happened because it now gives me the opportunity to write what I want to write and present it the way I want to present it. Freedom to create untethered is good.

I had a long career in the industry and worked for several publications across the United States, and that offered me the opportunity to travel and experience living in varied places. Sometimes it was great. Sometimes it really sucked. But that was then, and this is now. And now includes trying to do a lot of writing, including for Cereal After Sex, short stories, and also longer projects. I hope to make my short fiction a regular part of this website, but it won’t be everything. Self-publishing a novel and a short story collection is also on my laundry list for life. (Just like everyone else, I suppose). I would like to share some of that work here too. I would also like to collaborate with other writers and eventually feature their work on this site as well.

I know the internet is an endless sea of words and all of us writers are vying for your views. With that in mind, I’d like to thank you for lending me your eyes and your mind for a minute or two – hopefully much longer. It’s a crazy world and we all have our arms, hearts, and heads full of it – so, a sincere thanks. If you like what Cereal After Sex has to offer, please share with friends and family – and maybe even people you don’t like that much.

If you do like what we have to offer, please consider making a donation to help keep this website afloat. In addition, this site has partnered with Stripe Climate, an initiative to help reduce carbon in our atmosphere. A small part of your donation will go to aid this effort. Thank you for supporting art and our planet. You can go to our Support page for more or give directly at our Checkout Page or at Buy Me A Coffee. Again, many thanks.

Want to know more about how Cereal After Sex started? Check out the inaugural post Pressing The Launch Button.

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