Glowing fountain in Neverland.

When you want to be someone
but no one knows who you really are
when you’re living in the worm
that lives in your own belly
drinking dirt
and eating poison wine
crying to live
laughing to die
and everything inside
and you feel like
you’re living in a Neverland
with a never hat
and a never coat
and you’ve spent every dime you ever had
wasting time strolling on the sun
with a hip pocket full of memories
sprinkling them on the lava like seed
counting all your bad deeds
all the dirty visions you’ve seen
all the air you’ve breathed
that was never meant for you or me
and you want God to do some CPR
but you haven’t been filling his golden plate
He looks down on you with pity and shame
rips the angel from your veins
deserting you in a Neverland
wasting away
like a dead urchin on the road
as jets fly by overhead
pissing fuel and exhaust
to clog it all up
crawl into the can man
drink your way to the cave
and follow that light to the other end
to that great big grin
and a candy-apple red Neverland.

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