Orange Plush Peru

It’s such a bigger world than we realize
we tend to ignore the full scope
of all that is alive…
while we’re busy shopping
someone else is starving,
while we are walking down the aisle
someone else is in need of love,
and when we are crying
surely, someone else is crying harder.

while we drive our cars
someone is walking barefoot,
while we watch our TV screens
someone is looking out a window at the rain,
while we adorn our hands with jewelry
someone else is scratching at the disease,
and while we relax in our comfortable homes with the AC blasting away and our sedated carcasses lumped down in the cushions stuffing our faces with fattening snack foods talking about others behind their backs and laughing at all those who are less fortunate because they are ugly or poor or homeless or uneducated… We should be looking at ourselves from the inside out.

And before we get too comfortable tonight — think of those on the other side of the world.

Your thoughts?

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