Walking to the Moon

The birds began to sing

at the edge of another dream

My eyes hurt with sleep

Heartbeat torn

like old paper

The skylight burns another hole

through everything I hold

But not your skin, your gaze, your soul

I’m a rocking chair captain

with threads of cold gold

running through my veins

this window is driving me insane

Another hole to look through

another view without you

roof tiles and smokestacks

a slice of cloudless sky

Every day I whisper or scream –

How I wish for flight, out of sight

Naked at dawn

these unforgiving hours

A smoldering cigarette lights the way

Through this smashed up haze

I’m just a cast away

on lost highway

with nowhere to go

but so many damn directions

Empty roads beckon wanderlust

Heaven torn asunder by the sun

I’m down and out, beat

I wanna run

to the view from a summer porch

buried in the green torch

memories of stories

told outside a backdrop

of large glass windows

Memories torn asunder by the sun

This heartache wakes me to another day

beating against the wall of my chest

Struggling to breathe

I want to let the world in

but how do I believe?

When everything I once captured

has now been released

And everyone I love

Loves someone else

And everyone I love

lives in a different house

And everyone I love

doesn’t even remember my name

Headlamps stir this torture

like a straw in a poisoned drink

I’m melting in the cold

Truth untold

Lie awake at night

struggling to calm the burdens of the day

My life gone astray

Stone, metal harp

greets me at the door

turn the key

and I’ll be free

Because everyone I loved

never even knew me…

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