Sun burns world

Sunburn my lady
sun burns morning glory glows of you
while I wait in the queue
on some dock in Liverpool
the dusk dawn of ending day
perched high on the wireless clouds
polished antique haze
a dirty orange smear in the sky
a trench coat wrapped in rain
a pocket watch ticking out the pain
songs of doves and ice-cold cod
tolling bells of doom booming through the fog
the sunburn rains on down
an apple, a rose turning brown
halfway through the memories on haunted hill
halfway through the turnstiles stuck in glue
sun burns red, sun burns blue
a wind sick hotel in desert hue
sagebrush rolling through dry dust dew

I’m tapping on the dirty windowpane
scratching out a lullaby with jagged nails
the lovesick howl
of another lonely road
the lovesick boil
of crooked yellow veins
pumping globs along the asphalt trail
thunderclouds muscle the mountains
bloated bruises whispering might
I take a flashlight and head out into the night
sun burns down the juice of a pale moon
stars like angel eyes fill the room
of lightless morning desert bloom
there’s a knock on the door
but no one is home
there is a fist on the brick
shattering tender bone
sunburn rains down wanderer all alone
the clover and cattle moan
a sherbet shining erection of sun
blocks out the light of all that is done
wet spit harbor lights shimmer and shake
wet spit city lights clamber on the lake
little blue boats sweep against the waves
sunburn eye scans the sky
to alleviate the savage
to tempt the tea kettle to howl
to rise one’s heart from horizontal rest
yoga flirtations in a rocking chair
sunburn swirl in a rocket ship
her bottom lip
licked moist within the sway of a hammock

The sun burns a Bakersfield cathedral
porcelain dolls wet with makeup
make their way up
God’s holy stairs
and even angels stare
at the divinity of sunburnt blonde
kneel down and pray
coddle the crucifix
sun burns Jesus stained with holes
high noon it’s time to go
to the factory or the ghost town
to the clown with an upside down frown
time to go to longevity
to sweat the sweat of brevity
motel mattress smells of dust
motel mattress saturated with lust
checkout time was long ago
pounding on the door… It’s time to go

Sun burns the empty rot
of a drive-in movie lot
weeds and grass all a cluster
speaker boxes corroded like old toasters
the flicker of the screen
sun burns a celluloid dream
twists and melts and scatters away
yet another sunburnt Technicolor Day
cloudless blue burns right on through
to this heart and on every bruise
sun burns the junkie loading a needle
high times on the highway
90 mph plus to negativeland
screaming green neon the width of the band
whiskey sour at happy hour
the beat of the desolate
the beat of the chagrined
taps out the code of a breathless heartbeat
swimming rings around the warm wet circles
piling up on the warped mahogany bar
sun burns the ice chime singing to the glass
sun burns the momentum of a lover’s last stance

Back home in Hollywood
trying to find the ocean
back home in Dino’s Den
the racing pen
the hog tied hypocrisy of CNN
humming American voodoo at the tempo
of a sunburnt porcelain doll in heat
swipe the cherry bomb across the mouth
98.6 degrees of candy store junk
dripping all along the Walk of Fame
from hence the angel cove I came
sun burns the jungle land
of another Eden and Disneyland
heat up the honey in the jet stream
blur out the flag in another American dream
sun burns the justice and the liberty
sun burns the momentary meaning for us all.

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