Plane Ride to Memory Planet

Why is it now

10 million memories later

That you appear

When I feel my hand empty

In a moment of all alone

In a moment of going to shore

What is this history haunting

You restless in my sheets

Of dreams

On the aeroplane I go

To another city, another Rome

They take pictures of me and cheer

But it’s me alone in the hotel abode

Looking out at the sea

Tipping back a hot glass on the veranda

Writing more things down

On paper and pen

Sweet lights of wood

Your blood-red room in my brain

And even when you left me

In the comfort of your comforter

You came back to see me

Just to check my pulse

And my green eyes ablaze

All liquor and ice

An amber haze

Corner bars of Pabst

My childhood dilemma by the loch

My brother is dead

He was my best friend when I was young

My mother is dead

Her life a bar beaten rumble

And a pistol in her head

Father gone asunder

A white hospital ascension to Heaven

Seems sometimes this life is but a curse

I memory wander Port Washington

And the curved roads by my sea

I think it’s only proper

That one should die

Where they were born

Where they were branded

With the burn of love undone

Wake up now I

For I see another sun

Your thoughts?

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