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Wow. That’s exciting.

If you read my previous post What the Hell Are You Thinking? you will know that I was trying to get rid of an old TV. Well, I’m happy to report – I did it! Wow. That’s exciting.

I decided to go to our local Goodwill to see if they would take it. The store has a donation center attached to it. I was worried the attendant might come over and start yelling at me about dropping off a television. But when I pulled up, there really was no attendant. Well, there was, but he was hiding inside the closed doors like a little forest gnome. He took one quick glance at me and turned away.

I quickly got out of the car and opened the trunk. Outside the donation center they have bins lined up against a wall that people can put their stuff in. I noticed a couple of computer monitors sitting among the rubble and thought, “A TV is sort of like a computer monitor,” and so I lifted the TV out of the trunk and set it down in one of the bins. Then I took off as if I had just robbed a bank.

I looked back to see if anyone was chasing me, but there was no one. Of course, there was no one, but I still breathed a sigh of relief. It used to be back in the days that a clerk would come out, look over your prospective donations and even help you get them out of the car. I guess that service has fallen to the wayside. They used to also give you a receipt for your donations for tax purposes. Now, they have a silver pole standing up outside with a little basket or something attached to it with blank receipts you fill out yourself. Oh well. In this particular case, no service was good service.

When I pulled back out onto the main street, I suddenly struggled in my mind with what else had I planned to do. I tried to remember, and then did remember that I was going to visit a couple of scrap metal and recycling places to see if they would take the TV. But now I didn’t have to! My mind had been so preoccupied with failure and the need for a backup plan that I had forgotten that I needed to go to Walgreens. Wow. That’s exciting.

Our town has one Walgreens, one CVS, one standard grocery store (which sucks). We have no Starbucks, but for some reason we have a plethora of automatic car washes, two O’Reilly Auto Parts stores, and about 57 Dollar Generals, all of which look as if a tornado had just torn through it because they somehow have only one clerk employed per store, and they are always on the cash register dealing with dipshits.

Anyways, I went to Walgreens to pick up a new prescription. I had printed out one of those online coupons that the drug companies offer to people because the cost of most new drugs is astronomical. I got to my turn in line and the woman there took the coupon and was looking stuff up and then told me to sit down and wait because they had to look into how to bill my order correctly. I just love how so many of our health care procedures, choices and decisions are controlled by insurance companies in America. It’s sad, really, but then again – Profit over People. That’s the name of the game.

I waited around for about 10 minutes. I had a scratchy throat and was coughing somewhat uncontrollably and went to go buy a drink when they called out my name. I turned around and went back and got my prescription. I went and grabbed a shopping trolley and picked up some things we needed back at the house – bathroom tissue, paper towels, a jug of purified drinking water and a pack of Jujyfruits candy. They stick in your teeth, but they are good.

After I paid utilizing my Walgreens rewards discount, I left the store. Luckily, the coughing had subsided some and I tore into the box of Jujyfruits and ate some. When I got to my car, I checked my prescription package. I was shocked, but then I wasn’t, to see that the original price of the prescription was $1,167.99… That’s for a one-month supply. I just shook my head and said a bad word. If that ain’t crooked, I don’t know what is. Because of the manufacturer’s coupon, aka discount card, I got my 30-day supply for $25.

After all that, I drove home.

Wow. That’s exciting.