From the Naked to the Water

You can’t say no to that
when she feels so good naked

silhouette of tree near body of water during golden hour
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You can’t say no to that
when she feels so good naked

The guide drew me to the edge of the river
where a steamship was piping some smoky tune
the flags that hung on its mast
depicted the reality of falling over the waves
and time takes a sleigh ride to another globe
somewhere far, far away

To this blue and silver house
on Sandra Lane
with windows like little squares of chocolate
veiled with thin curtains of muscle gone wrong
the snow was thick and heavy on the ground,
in the trees, across the spread wings of aeroplanes
He noted that the queue
was winding round and round
like a child’s roundabout in the park
a metal pinwheel with rainbow gills
spraypainted upon the buttons of industry
hammered by the Goliaths of war
where friends never die
and the sandwiches are made by clean hands
in a turbine called Eden
the glass wands spin threads with oil beads
running like little mercury balls on fire
no one to conduct them
no one to stop them
as they blur oblivious
to the appreciation factor
of the untamed heart

Howie went to Paris
with a pair of gloves and a cane
he was studying the effects of ice
on large groups of people
winter lasted forever for him
it was his paradise
his burning drum
unkempt by any silver maiden
and he threw his arms up in the square
and shouted to the whole city
“Let me entertain you!”

Gene drank a bottle of Scotch
and tried to play cards
with diving flippers
his old stash from the islands
where he almost got stabbed in a bar
and he wondered if it was love
or just the thought of being in love
and in the end
he knew it was love

There are police knocking at the door
German guard dogs scratching at the wood
pistols are drawn, batons raised
and man takes another whipping
from the guy who doesn’t like water.

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