There’s this long line of darkness on the other side of day

I stand there listening to the starless sky flow like Styx

There’s that smooth dome of light pollution

Pulsing like an orange Creamsicle

Never sleeping, always dripping

Like childhood summer sun

And all above it, that starless sky

Humming in rhythm,

And a stone-cold moon pushed deep into the inky mallow

And the shore rises, swallows it for a moment, then a motor crunching the road

And I am loved, but alone

This upside-down man in an upside-down world being turned upside down and torn inside out

The guts sometimes, plucked out and stomped on

The thread that sews it back up wearing thin

This giant in a suit of skin too small

Roaring like the mad city

Then a bizarro boiling undone like a meadow

Under the dome

Simply walking with the crickets and that hand cast in sapphire

Some giant I am, in skin too small

Your thoughts?


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