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Would you like to write for Cereal After Sex? Of course, you would!

We are now opening our site to other writers and would like to read your creations.

What are we looking for? We are interested in creative poetry and fiction that challenges the boundaries of the imagination.

Poetry can be of any style and should be limited to 750 words. It doesn’t have to rhyme (in fact, we’d prefer if it didn’t, but if that is your style by all means send it in). Above all, the poetry should be unique, imaginative, and entertaining. We’re not looking for fluff, but rather pieces that deeply speak to the heart and soul, pieces that tackle social issues, pieces that will make readers feel something. Send us the unordinary.

Non-fiction essays and commentary pieces will be considered if they are extraordinary.

Fiction is limited to 1,000 words and should be one complete piece. No serials, please. Longer pieces will be considered if they blow us away.

Submissions should include your name (pen names are fine), a short biography, and a link to your website if you would like to include it. Authors may submit a photo of themselves if they would like, but it is not necessary. Please include a contact email.

In the event of an overwhelming number of submissions, we will not be able to respond to everyone if your work is NOT accepted. You WILL be notified upon acceptance. Please allow us adequate time to review your work. We’re busy just like everyone else. Don’t be obnoxious and send repeated inquiries about your submission. That will just turn us off.

Guidelines: Cereal After Sex is open to any style and genre, but we will not accept pieces that contain an excessive amount of profanity, violence, or gratuitous sex. Erotica is fine as long as it doesn’t violate the aforementioned guidelines.

We will definitely not accept anything that promotes hate, racism, bigotry, child or animal abuse, or blatant misinformation. We will not accept anything that promotes a product. (Exception: If you have a self-published book, you may mention that in your short biography).

We are strong believers in the right of independent creators to express themselves, but being a public forum, there are limitations. Thanks for understanding. The best way to get an idea of what sort of things we are looking for is to visit and read.

Rights: Your work is your work. You retain all rights. If you would like to withdraw your submission or have it removed from the website after publication, contact the publisher at the email listed below. Simultaneous submissions are fine.

Payment: The only payment we can offer at this time is more exposure of your work.

Where to send: Submissions may be sent to Publisher and Editor Aaron Echoes August at Please include Cereal Submission in the subject line, or it may get overlooked. Place text in the body of the email.

Thank you for your interest and continued support of independent creators!

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