Beloved Fury


With blood
With guilt
I scurry beneath yet another moon,
another field of grasses
swaying in a nighttime breeze
howling and empty,
like a heart away from silver rains,
a fate too hard to swallow
force fed, like a bullet from God,
like a train feeding on my guts
and sleep so distant now,
dreams too clear and bold,
the unreality called to bandage my reality
a blotter for all the blood leaking,
spilling really,
from a jaundiced and torn heart

This all comes on like a violent storm
pounding through the sky like a metal thorn
piercing the hull of my West Texas ride,
and my confusion only gets worse
latitude becomes longitude,
feathers become stones,
joy becomes madness,
bone becomes air
and memories become burdens
like oxygen, gas, and light
all explosive and hot
another fiery escapade
without any prerequisite contemplation

Diving into a dark cave without a lantern,
kissing cobwebs with no mask
fury, fury, fury
all a beloved fury
and untamed waves of smashing, lashing
coiled energy
and then a quiet puff on the candle,
another tangled, flushed and rushed night
put to rest
save I,
living on the barrier between night and light
save I,
rushing the dreams
to cradle me in cinematic sleep
save I,
the one who greets the dawn
with a much greater need.

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