Tourniquet Laos

Photo by Dick Hoskins on

Wealth betrays poverty

Poverty betrays body

Body betrays mind

Mind betrays soul

And it was somewhere near Ban Ban

Ripping through the glass bamboo

I saw the shadow of her kiss

Outside a straw hut casino

A wet, fire bar in the jungle

Dripping wet dreams and lost life

The tick tock of my heart

Falling wet

Like memories and lightning strikes

A clutch of breath untangled

A hand-held whisper in the dark illuminati

Windows unshuffled and tamed

They dragged the body out

In a summer rain

I hope to be blessed

By some mad miracle

A bruise of my Ireland

Smacked smoke like a dream

Untwisted and fathoms

Fantastic phantasms

In the dark of almighty night

Hold me dear candle breeze

Like ocean water in a broken cup

Colliding with love like a comet

Spraying sparkles against the firmament

Ghetto graffiti of my love heart

Against the run down walls of space

A heart asunder sans rhyme

Looking to hold you

In the warmth of winter’s lava breeze

Jungle sweat and memories of love

Clutching distance

Your raucous scent on the autobahn

Driving me mad

Like pistons scorched

Torture is not enough

Without your homeward kiss

Lost in the valley

Of never ending bliss

Broken, automated and rewound

I long for invisibility

A need for shadow play

And some saving touch and selfless love

A heart not scorched by invisible truths

A heart not burned by the fires of this world

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